Monday, January 18, 2021


Hi, I’m Sheldon.

I help develop and market products that people find useful, intuitive and valuable enough to share their experience.



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Hi! I’m Sheldon. For over 10 years I’ve worked with brands and private labels bringing some pretty awesome products to market. I’ve worked on product development and marketing to deliver the total package.

I’m drawn towards products that are deep-rooted in consumer research. The type that ends up being simple and intuitive, yet profound and potentially disruptive.

I’m equally passionate about brand strategy. I believe that the only thing that trumps a good product is a brand that finds a deeper connection with people.

Product Development & Marketing

The ability to simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak.

– Hans Hofmann


To me, a good product retains a sense of simplicity, is intuitive and aesthetically appealing. The experience it delivers must be unique, pleasurable and memorable so that users seek no other.

I also believe that when it comes to finding product affinity, a good understanding of brand strategy, buying-journeys and customer-experience is fundamental to building strong connections. I’ve been a student of these subjects for some time now and continue to search for new ideas that can be adapted to my product-market.

My Writings

My views on specific topics are based on personal perspectives and experience. They may not be necessarily unique, but, then again, I don’t intend for them to always conform to conventional schools of thought either.